How create a series of landings once stairs have been created


I’m trying to create a script where I can control the number of landings across a staircase. However, I’m struggling to find a way to pull a number of steps onto the same plane once the stairs are created.

I have created the script is a strange manner becuase I want to use it as a way to quickly explore a conceptial idea which will use a combination of ramps, stairs and landings.


Landing Areas Highlighted In Blue:

I don’t want the landings to be at the beginning or end of the staircase either.

GH_Script: (22.2 KB)



Sorry to chase this up, but has anyone found a solution to this issue? I’m personally still struggling to resolve it.


Staircase_Concept_Help Edited (26.9 KB)
Thank you for organizing the GH file so well.

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this is just a concept with a lot of suffer embedded :slight_smile:

in theory, this would allow to “merge” steps together into landings by writing into the text panel the index of each steps that it’s becoming a landing, and how many steps it will be long

for instance, “2,3” means "draw me a landing that starts at step 2 and is 3 steps long (so the landing will be step 2, 3, 4)

from top view is maybe easier to understand what is being merged:

the thing is, in the original number of steps that you can select with the slider, you need to put the number of “divisions”… not a very effective method… for instance in the case of the image, the number of divisions is 42, but because of the steps merged into landings you end up with 36 raises (24.2 KB)

is this a viable starting point? :smiley:


Thank you both for the solutions, it’s been a massive help studying your scripts! Insightful as always

How create a series of landings once stairs have been created

Perhaps this point has already been covered but… this thread title (quoted above) ignores approaches that would define landings in terms of length (and width?), number of leading steps before each landing and other factors, including switchback paths.