How convert render materials to Rhino renderer?


I testing Enscape and run in an old problem - how can I edit materials created with an other render plugin? For example I have a Octane scene and like to work with Rhino render materials. The materials are blocked, I can’t edit the materials. I want to keep the texture paths and adjust the settings at basic Rhino material level. I hope there is a way.


Unfortunately you’ll need the render plug-in that such materials were created with.


I hope it could be possible per a new coded little command. Could you set it on the wish list please?

Could a conversion to Rhino materials be done if the plugin is installed? For example I have an Octane brushed metal, at viewport it looks good, also at the Enscape rendering. Since Enscape is using the Rhino material data I suppose so the basic Rhino parameters are right set. Only I want to adjust it at Rhino level.

Interesting could be that there is a context menu command “Change type (copy similar settings)”, but it doesn’t work, textures are reset. Should this function do the job?

I’m not sure how that is supposed to work. @andy, care to chime in?

It’s entirely up to the plug-in to support this.

An other problem is, if a client send me a scene where he used an other engine than I can see textures and colors at the rendered viewport, but can’t edit them. I like to get access to the Rhino materials only. So, who can I ask for the Rhino render plugin to open the access to the at the viewport current used materials?

You can just convert them to basic materials - that should always work.

Sounds good - how can I do it?

In V5, just “change”

Here an example - a part of an old project and I want to edit the underlay Rhino material. All success is blocked.

For example I like to use this material as base for an Enscape setup, only I need to edit the gloss finish.

Material-Edit.rar (480.8 KB)

You need to right-click the selected material, then choose the Change Type entry you like best. Probably the (Copy Similar Settings) one.


I tried it and lost the texture. So, you mean it’s a bug and should work?