How can I make this object?

Hi there,

I’m starting at Rhino and I was wondering if it was possible to do this kind of object (specially the lines) with Rhino 5 (or Grasshopper…) :


Hello - see if something like this might be what you are after-
WireJar.3dm (328.5 KB)


Thanks, so you did it with ShortPath and PolarArray, I’ll check those tools.
The next step is giving them thickness, could you give me an advice to do this?

Hello- is the idea to make a picture or a real object via 3d print, or?
If an image, use ApplyCurvePiping on the curves in a shded or rendered view, or rendering.


The ApplyCurvePiping works fine but it would be interesting to do the same for 3d printing for example…

then Apply _Extractpipedcurve to get the mesh of each pipe