How to make a shape 3Dprintable

I need to make a 3D print of this shape.
Is there an easy solution to make these lines thicker all at once?
Also, it’s impossible to join all these lines. Does anyone have an idea why this might be occuring?
Or is it possible to 3D print even if they are not all joined? Or is it possible to 3D print if they are grouped instead?

Also, I did the other one by extruding curves to surfaces but I need to have the surfaces thicker.
Is there any way to make all these surfaces thicker at the same time?


extrudesrf. But you need to extrude them all inwards. Because else there will be extra corners.
after that select all and _BooleanUnion to melt them together.

Don’t know how a printer reacts to “split” objects. Better be sure and booleanunion them :slight_smile:
because you need a watertight object

offsetSrf will let you thicken all the surfaces at once in their normal direction.
also, for the first one, try the pipe command. that could give you something cool.

with offsetsrf do set Solid = yes :slight_smile: