How can I increase resolution/noise when rending 2D text and dimensions?

Hi community, does anyone know how I can increase the resolution of my rendered image?

When I try to render my dimensions and text of a 2D drawing when I open the image it is fuzzy/blurry.
I need it ti be sharp. How can I fix this?

Even when I try increasing the DPI and saving in various formats i.e. png it still doesn’t help.


Hi Chris - I think rendering or capturing the screen (-_ViewCaptureToFile) oversize and then down-sampling is the way out. For the view capture, use the dash version as I typed it to get the sizing options you’ll need.

Any luck?


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File => Print => Destination : Image file (PNG… Resolution : Printer, High quality 800 dots .

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Thanks guys, I figured it out, I did exactly what Adn_Kocc suggested.