How can I generate 3d model from site plan and isometric bird's eye view in Rhino 5?


I am trying to generate a accurate 3d model from a site plan .dwg and an birds’ eye perspective (heights) .jpg in Rhino 5. So far I’ve modeled most of the stuff but i am experiencing problems with the buildings (heights) because I cannot work out a way to match the bird’s eye view perspective to my 3d model. I have tried perspectivematch and panning zooming and tilting the viewport to match the perspective in rhino but it does not work at all. So I would like to ask if there is anyway to get this done or should I try some other software (needless to say time is of essence)? Here are the files:


Thank’s in advance!


P.S. The buildings I’ve already modeled in the rhino file are not accurate i did them just by looking at the perspective and trying to estimate the proportions as good as possible in the 3d.