Reverse Engineering - Matching Multiple Photos to Fine Tune a Model

Ref: Recreating Geometry of a Forgotten WWI Fighter

Mr Jaworski uses Blender to create a 3D model from various sources then matches that model to photos taken from various angles modifying the model until the model matches precisely all the photos. His process has been proven to give very accurate results. This makes it possible to create construction drawings for aircraft in which no factory blueprints exists.

Is it possible to create a similar process within Rhino?

I looked through the link quickly. I don’t see anything that can’t be done with Rhino. However the process described requires both knowledge and patience. It is not a “turn the crank” type of procedure.

PerspectiveMatch may be useful. Rhinoceros Help - PerspectiveMatch | Rhino 3-D modeling (

I did look closely PerspectiveMatch is inaccurate and gives false results most of the time.
Wish Rhino had a kind of sketchup matchphoto, efficient and fast.
I do match my model on a photo manually, but takes a long time adjusting

  • cam lens
  • parallel perspective or not,
  • orientation
  • scale
    Without being able to zoom (except Maximizing window)

I have looked up how other do.
They trace the main perspective lines on the photo to help out setting up the match process.

I think a way this could be done is to attach the photo to a camera, and move the camera util it matches the model…

Hope someone will come out with a proper solution
best regards

Use wallpaper for that.

Hi Nathan

Thats what i did
Not with PerpectiveMatch (won’t work)
Struggling with zoom scale orient up and down lens
I managed at last

1st step is wallpaper
2nd would be to zoom on wallpaper AND model without zooming on model (to check accurately)
3rd would be to define on the model an origin, and 3 axes
4th would be to show vanishing points for those three axes on the perspective wallpaper view
5th (the best part) to be able to adjust origin model on walpaper, and move vanishing points to set the correct orientation
in fact most of the sketchup process (sketchup I quit … almost)

I don’t know why PerpectiveMatch does not work
Is there any kind of mandatory order to pick points ? (clockwise …)
Could be good but won’t won’t work