How can I fix a Self Intersecting (Solid) Surface Offset?


After offsetting a Surface “A” using the OffsetSrf command, the resulting offset surface intersects itself. Thus, the resulting solid offset has apparent volumes enclosed. How can I offset Surface A without resulting in a self-intersecting surface? Or, how can I repair the surface self-intersections? Example images of the problem are listed below.

Thank you all!

offsetting a course surface without intersection depends absolutely on the radius and on the tightest elevations. sometimes it helps to offset into the other direction but that either is pretty erratic.

one thing which would help is to duplicate the boarders of the already selfintersecting solid, then using the command drape from both sides and trim with the boarder off again. you have to play of course with the settings and maybe also use FitSrf or Rebuild on the drapes before you join them into one solid surface. oh and that of course only is helpful if you dont have any overhanging elevations.

in case of overhanging surfaces you could try extracing the points of each surface then play with the command patch for both surfaces.