Brep Offset creates self intersecting geometry

Hey guys,

i wanted to do something very simple: create a 1mm offset inward of a wing structure - so that a volumetric structure with the wall thickness is generated.

However this does not really work… Can anyone help here?

offset_brep.3dm (1.5 MB)

Cheers, Rudi

What command did you use?


That’s what I thought.
OffsetSrf is for offsetting individual surfaces, not polysurfaces.

You could try TestOffsetPolysurface, but it’s still going to fail offsetting in because of the tiny, sharp edge.

My guess is offsetting the main surface, then doing some editing to clean up the sharp end will be the best approach.

Alright thanks for the help!

Just out of curiosity: if I took the section of the wing and made an offset, it should work fine (in 2D of course). But why isn’t that the case for the 3D equivalent?