Surface offsetting


does anyone know how to offset this kind of surface with proper trimmed edges? What I need is to get single 5mm dick panels out of it…

I am relative inexperienced in Rhino.
Thanks for tips. Simon

My thoughts on the best way to do that would be to use “offsetsrf” set the corners to “sharp” and run the solid option at “no”

run the offset, it should offset without self intersecting. (sharp SHOULD trim the edges for you instead of self intersecting) If so then you explode and connect the inside faces and outside face with loft or blendsrf set to position.

if you try to run it solid it will self intersect in the corners if you are offsetting to the inside.

Not the automagical solution I think you are looking for, but it will get you there…

Thank you for your answer.
The problem is, that it doesn’t even offset with “no solid” properly. When offsetting to the outside, some parts are not connected, some are intersecting.
I tried the same with my surface turned into mesh and ran “offsetmesh”. The resulting mesh is continual but the offset distance changes at different places in the model…

Are there any naked edges other than the periphery?

No naked edges there…

When I offset it as a mesh it works nice, but the distance is measured from vertices (diagonal) while I need it to be on the normal of each part (as constant dickness of material…

Is it possible to change type of offset in “wavebird’s offset” so that the distance is measured on normals?


Hmmm, for normal offsets, you can try the “Dave Schultze offset trick” using the move uvn tool- shown here. you’d copy and paste, then turn on points and work on the copy for this to work-

Hi Simon- yeah… you might need to do some cleanup on a shape like this- when there are multiple planes meeting at a corner and the angle between planes is not consistently positive or negative, the solution is hard to create cleanly. Can you post the object?


Thanks for help…

01.3dm (396.3 KB)

Hi Simon- try this-

DupFaceBorder, select all of the faces in the object - Window select - and then, with all of the resulting curves selected, run planarSrf. Hide the original and Join all of the new faces. The object here was to make each surface into a trimmed rectangular plane. Now offset, Solid=Yes, Corners=Sharp. It does not quite get it right, but you’ll see there are only a couple of places to clean up.