How can I export a render without background?

I have a site model that I would like to have the render qualities exported to add to a illustrator file of the linework I set a light and now have a basic model in “rendered view” the shadows are cast on a non-existent ground plane. Basically its just a series of boxes floating in the rhino space.

Problem is I also have some line work that sits behind these rendered boxes that I need to edit in AI in post. Is there a way to export the png/jpeg of just the rendered boxes with shadow without a background? So like maybe exporting just the shadows as one image that I could adjust transparency for and another for one the actual masses?

Hello - if the ground plane is set to use shadows only and you ViewCaptureToFile a png image asking for transparent background, then from the exact same view, export everything as AI with the view boundaries, you should be able to stick those together -


wow soooo easy and right under my nose! thank you so much!