Export ground plane SHADOW as jpg or png?

Hi all,

Title says it all, really. Can we export the ground plane shadows as an image file? Hoping to create a 20x20mm plane, and exported with resolution controls.




If you have a shadows-only groundplane then ensure in Rendering panel Transparent background is checked. Then _Render your view with Rhino Render (Rhino 7 and later). When the rendering has finished save your image, making sure that you save as PNG and have alpha ticked as well.

Not sure what you mean by a 20x20mm plane and what the resolution controls would do for shadows.

edit: some screencaptures

Thanks Nathan,

I am using this exported JPG as a ground plane in a rendering software that doesn’t calculate ground plane shadows natively. So, I actually need the part to be completely hidden - like invisible - but the shadows to remain

The closest you can get is probably by showing just the alpha channel in the Render Window and then saving that out.

There is currently no way to render the ground plane catching the shadows of the object but then to not render the object.

Reviving this thread to see if it might be possible using VRay? I am not very familiar with VRay, but I do have it on my work machine. I see several options for Alpha & Shadow, etc, so maybe there’s a loophole?