How can i do this?


I try to make a 3d model of this thing… basically its a ring but i don’t really get the way how to start it
Pls let me know if anyone can help me out.

thank you and sorry for my bad English.

If it is a finger ring, as it is, it is unprintable because it is too thin. But the logic behind the design seems to be to create diagonals on the surface and use attractors to slightly deform them. Also, instead of attractors, it could be easier to make the diagonals curved and move them slightly so that the more horizontal areas of the curves seem closer together than the diagonal areas.

Be that as it may, Peacock may be useful to you.

Dani’s approach should work, use peacock. A little hard to tell from the small photo, but to me, looks like a 3rd order hyper involute curve.