Resizing an already existing ring using peacock

I am new at using ALL of this software and have no experience in cad work. We have a CAD guy who creates all of our rings and sends us the slc files. we have recently purchased the rhino printer, and started printing and casting in shop. We have downloaded peacock simply to resize the files we have already been sent. I think that I am capable of resizing the files if i could just have someone show me how to resize an already existing file. any help is appreciated!! Thank You!

Unless the ring models were created in GH I really dont think it’s possible. You can import a ring, try the Resize Ring tool but it’s going to distort everything.
Wish I could help. I’m dying to learn GH but it seems like you need a PhD in math or programming.
Good luck.

I’m dying to learn GH but it seems like you need a PhD in math or programming.

I’m not great at non basic math (that’s what the Internet is for) and I’m not a programmer (most users are neither of those). You are dying to learn but what have you done about it? If you want results you got to put in the work. Repetition, Practice, and Patience is really all it takes. Have you watched any tutorials? (and by that I mean rebuilt along with them, paused often, took notes, practiced, not just watched it), have you joined any of the hundreds of workshops or classes for Grasshopper? If I can make a Plugin with, at the time, just a year of C# practice from zero knowledge, than anyone can learn GH, just got to put in the time.

About the specifics of the Ring resizer in Peacock, better to ask @Dani_Abalde