Peacock 0.99.1 released and supported from Patreon!

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A few days ago I published the latest version of Peacock v0.99.1 | Teen Release, and after receiving a lot of good reviews I want to share with the whole community the plans for the future of Peacock. You can download it for free from Food4Rhino.

Peacock is a Grasshopper plugin for modeling jewellery with the paradigm of generative design, and it is also a free culture project with the intention of developing the incipient algorithmic jewellery in a way that makes it easier for the industry and the jewellery sector to adapt to the new design and manufacturing trends that generative design offers.

Modeling jewellery with algorithms is an obvious evolution compared to conventional object modeling. The taxonomy of 3d jewelry consists of few families of frequent tasks, recurrent functions and jewelry elements. Reduced to, in most cases, creating a shape, adding gems and claws and performing subtraction and joining operations. This is because it is a discipline with significant physical limitations, such as reduced product size, portability, materials, and manufacturing methods. This makes 3d jewelry have an ideal fit (computationally speaking) in Grasshopper, because by editing the instructions that generate the result, rather than simply the result, we can generalize tasks and fine-tune them by adjusting their parameters very easily and flexibly; make the templates or jewelry elements are not predefined, but are parameterized; avoid repetition of routines or subprocesses; automate tasks such as generating collections or designing several pieces in the time of one; explore the parametric space of the designs with total comfort; reduce software limitations with customized tools; as well as the other implicit advantages of generative design. There are many superiorities of algorithmic jewelry modeling over conventional modeling, visit this or this link to learn more.

Although the current version of Peacock has a lot of tools, there is still a lot of work to be done. On the one hand, it is necessary to complete the collection of basic jewellery tools. On the other hand, it is necessary to add general functionalities that Grasshopper lacks, such as a file browser (similar to the one that includes the Processing IDE) with which to organize and easily find the large amount of files that are produced. Added to this, a library of Grasshopper definitions that serve as templates to make claws, clasps, halos… jewelry elements. And also a similar help to Rhino’s that makes it easier to understand the tools. I also intend to add a generative production controller, where I can manage the different solutions of a generative design, including geometry, costs, technical tables, renders, instructions for use… everything needed to manage production from Grasshopper. And on the other hand, for Peacock 1.x I will add an algorithm permuter to automate the algorithmic design solution, designed for custom mass production. And other analysis/repair/printability tools for manufacturing.

Peacock aims to fill all this space and become the standard for algorithmic jewelry software. For this purpose, future versions of Peacock 1. x will be open source for other developers to participate in the liberalization of basic tools for jewellery modelling or to develop advanced paid solutions. It will remain free, except for a few utilities that will be exclusive to the Patreons. This strategy completely surrenders the viability of the project to the real interests of the professionals who wish to use it, which is why I have created a Patreon where the interested parties can contribute to the development of Peacock in exchange for rewards such as tutorials, advertising, testing the news before they come out or taking into account their opinion, suggestions or proposals to improve Peacock. Click on the image below to go to the Patreon de Peacock.

If you are interested in learning how to use Peacock and Grasshopper, from SEEDstudio we offer courses taught by Daniel Abalde, the developer of Peacock, to introduce you to generative jewelry design and enter the new trend of design and industry. Visit this link to learn more.

Thank you to all those who have helped in the past and thank you to those who want to help the future of Peacock. Very interesting news will be coming soon!

  • Daniel Abalde