How can i do this?

hello! i have been trying with Geodome Variable Pipe Structure Rhino, Grasshopper Parametric, Wasp, Wavebird, etc…nothing works :frowning: . please if you now how can i achieve a similar structure i would bless you!

also… i would like to do a kind of a dome - pavilion using this structure! thank u :slight_smile:

Hello - I do think Grasshopper (and no doubt various plug-ins) is your best bet for this - have you asked on that forum?


image (20.2 KB)


thank u so much!!!, should i first build the space struss and then set the grasshopper to the struss? thanks for the gh!!! :slight_smile:

if you like building struts quickly inside Gh, you can use intralattice plugin from food for rhino, then add the Generated struts to Daniel’s definition. (21.0 KB)

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This video might help you understand how it works universally.