Trusses between surfaces

Hi Guys,
I am quite new to Grasshopper and Rhino world but I would need some support regarding thhis issue.
Basically I am trying to model some trusses between two surfaces that have variable height.
Basically what I would need is to link the two surfaces (either with a point or with a cap) and have the trusses height dependent on this variation of height.
I’ll attached the files and a sketch for better comprehension.

Also, I would like my trusses to be parametric in space, so to have the starting point where my support will be.

Thanks for your help (80.7 KB) 1900917_test.3dm (8.7 MB)

IntraLattice plugin has component which can make that.

Get LunchBox also.

Thank you very much for your support, but how can I link the two surfaces together? I tried with loft but it’s not exactly what i am looking for

Great! I’ll download the plug in and try to play around with it a little. Thank you!