Using a Rhino Block in Grasshopper

Hi all,

I have a module for a supertall telecom tower set as a block in rhino. I also have a script I have used on a simple massing of said tower based on the same module but constructed and inserted into the script as a closed polysurface, which we all know grasshopper is preferred. I am no expert, but it baffles me there isn’t a way to use a block as the root geometry of the same script simply by changing its container but I have not been able to figure it out.

I have attached a screenshot below as well as the rhino file and script gha file. It seems to me, I have the block in a container called extended goemetry, but in the preview it is not green. Secondly, the taper container is obviously unhappy.

I have human, elefront, legopod, and pufferfish already plugged in based on the preliminary research I have done.

What do the community experts recommend?

CORE MODULE.3dm (854.1 KB)
tower form and (20.7 KB)

Hi Bhousma, to clarify, you are trying to distort a complex block? I would think only certain parts would need to change. Such as the struts gettings shorter as the tower grows.