How to create a lattice structure as shown in the following link

Hey all!

I am attempting to create a lattice structure similar to the one in this link

Drawings of the project are here

Please note, I do not need to have the lattice change midway, this is not crucial. I would prefer to have the weavy lattice but either works.

I have had a look at the Intralattice manual and just having a look around the forums but am unsure.

Thanks in advance! Oh important to note that this lattice will be flowing on an egg shape, at least the upper half of a symmetrical egg. TIA!


Welcome to the Rhino forum. There are lots of approaches and tools both native to Rhino and as plugins that could be used for this. Even though you posted this in the Grasshopper category, I’d suggest to first think about using the default Rhino commands to make a module that can repeat for your pattern. Here’s a video example based on the design you showed…

Once you have a repeating module you can use a plugin like PanelingTools for instance which comes with Grasshopper components. Or you could again, use default Rhino commands like FlowAlongSrf to apply the repeating flat array to a curved surface like this…

I hope that helps get you started.

Hi Brian!

Thanks for this. Worked like a charm!

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