How can I divide surface with contour? (35.4 KB)

You can achieve that using intersection commands in the transformations menu in Grasshopper. (18.1 KB)

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Thank you so much. But I want to sperate all of them like a window. Is it possible? (26.0 KB)


No it’s ok. Please refer to this video, maybe of help :+1:

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There are many different ways of doing this; contours are one of the last methods that would occur to me.

However, if you must use contours you want to use the correct version: Brep or Mesh, not curves. Here is another way to use contours. The yellow group ensures that all surface normals are the same: “out”. (28.2 KB)

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My bad actually Im just beginner. Sorry

Thank you so much ıt works perfect.

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Thank you so much ıt works

It behaves well for only a limited set of Contour ‘D’ (Distance) values, even when separate sliders are used for horizontal and vertical contours.

There is no explicit connection between outer dimensions and contour divisions. I won’t suggest alternative methods because I’m not clear about your intentions, especially with Voronoi :question:

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I was just trying to do this.