How To split , separate surfaces with brep

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Simple task, but for some reason whatever I try doesn’t work. Basically want to crop all contours surfaces to 6 boundaries . So I only have surface which are inside these 6 curves ?
In green areas only.

Cheers (851.1 KB)

Usually, boolean or split operations with multiple geometries will take a lot of time. (845.6 KB) (843.0 KB)
another {maybe faster} option is to stick to curves for the trimming:

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Yep, definitely takes long time on a laptop. Will try at work.
Maybe it will be faster with just surfaces and surf split, but can’t find a away to separate them?

Looks faster, but I will have to find an missing edge curve to create surface + surfaces which where not cut but still inside the boundary.

you’re right…for that you have to fix what’s self-intersecting, coming from the mesh contours themselves…

so here’s this, maybe only ‘faster’ by a bit or maybe almost just as slow :joy: - on this laptop the definition takes ~1.5 minutes to load (847.0 KB)

Thank you, what plugin are using for multiple split?
I don’t have it

no plug-in, it’s the grasshopper component split brep multiple

Found a better way. I used Mesh split first and then contour new meshes . Much much faster.

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