Grasshopper How to Divide Curve Surfaces with Straight Lines

Hey guys, I am fairly new to grasshopper and tried to re-create SOM tower design. When I tried to divide surface with Isotrim on the curvy surfaces, it ends up like the first image instead of the second image. As you can see the actual tower façade is straight up and trimmed. Please help me on this.

Probably cannot use the surface’s iso lines then .
Do “old fashioned” 3d modeling :
set up a coordinate system at 45 degrees , then
use Grasshopper Intersect > Surface Contour (ex) component

Which , in effect , cuts a series of sections with the surface .

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(Contour) component would help here


Thank you very much Mike! But is there anyway to actually split the surface instead of drawing contour lines on the surface? Because I would like to have each divided shape as an individual surface

use Surface Split component ,but make sure to flatten the contour output

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A million thanks Mike! I’ve learnt how to use the Contour and Surface Split component better now

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