How can I display inches with metres in brackets in dimensions?

Measuring up for carpet.
in inches. (measuring in imperial then converting to metric on calculator before adding a dimension.
Can one enter by the way 12 11/16 in command line and get rhino to do the conversion ?
that aside…
some shops use metre, others use inches, so can I get dimension to display the metre in ( ) after the inches ?.
At the moment I am having to use calculator to convert to metres, then double click the dim fig, type it in, etc, but if I re-measure and alter inches, I have to this again.
…and measuring up is never tallying to cad perfection so some tweaking necessary and carpets not a precise science anyway.


You can indeed, just turn on alternate units:

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Hi Steve,
Attached you have the settings I use for this cases.

mm - inches.3dm (202.5 KB)

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I dont see that setting at all and I am Rhino 5 DR14 64bit.

Hi laborda,
how do I get that 3dm to give me inches (metres) ? in Rhino 5 ?



In a file with Inches as units:

Gives you:

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Thanks Win, I couldn’t respond before… Did that help, Steve?

excuse the late response !
Yes thats great.
I dont suppose there is a way to show inches decimal then ( inches imperial) then [cm]

1.5 (1 1/2)[3.81] or even to have it as 1.5 (1 1/2) [3.81cm] is there ?

either in Rhino V5 or V7 ?

When I am on site I use whatever part of the ruler is able to give me the dimension, long distances beyond vernier range are in cm or imperial, (as no one makes a locking decimal inch steel ruler) so it can be imperial or cm but also the vernier gets used so I have inches decimal or cm and as the item was made to inches decimal I try to use inches decimal initially. As such when drawing up the item its good for me to see such as all three types, saves a lot of calculator use.


Hi Steve -

No. You’ll need two dimensions for that.

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