Dimensions (units displayed)

Started using Rhino about a year ago.

Lets say you create a rectangle box. Each side can be measured to provide a visual number. It appears the default units for both metric and inches is two places after the decimal point.

Here is my question: How can I change the number of units available after the decimal point? I need four (4) places to do this next project.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Mark - the precision for display of distances etc. as from the Length command is set in DocumentProperties > Units page, near the bottom. Set this in your template files to have it ‘stick’ for new models (See SaveAsTemplate) Precision in dimensions is set per dimension style.

Does that do it?


Thank you very much for the quick update!
Info was spot on, you guys are great!

Have A Great Day! :slight_smile:

Also, a bit off topic, but since you mention that you need 4 decimal places for showing the dimensions, please make sure that your file tolerances are at least one order of magnitude tighter than that.