How can I define flat bar?

Hi, I’m trying to create a I-type cross section.
The Cross Section component does have ‘I’ option, but it seems like this is for an ‘H’ type section.
If I want to create a flat-bar with no flanges, how can I set the upper width/lower width and their thickness?

Thank you.

And if you use a rectangle or rounded rectangle as a cross-section?
! _Rectangle _Rounded
And In Grasshopper > Curve > Primitive > rectangle3 points?

I just set the top and bottom to 0 thickness and width.

I just reread, Flat bar and H tpe?
for H type, create an I type and change the Z-orientation:

HI, I just wanted a flat-bar. Thanks, setting the top and bottom to 0 seems to work.

Hi, you can also use the trapezoid cross section for a solid cross section.