Beams of solid cross-sections with fillet radius in Karamba3D?

How to create solid beams with rectangular, circular and rectangular with fillet radius in Karamba 3D?
Previous post explained that solid rectangular cross-section is attainable by selecting trapezoid and setting equal upper and lower width . However, is there an option considering fillet radius?

Considering the specific case of circular cross-section, there is a post explaining the option to set the thickness of a circular hollow section to be the radius of the section and then it will be a solid profile of selecting circular section.

On this design, we play with solid cross-section ranging from rectangular section with no fillet radius and up to circular sections.

Thanks in advance.


it is currently not possible to create a rectangular cross section with a fillet radius in Karamba3D. Please make a request on our Github development should you wish us to add this feature.


Hi Matthew,
I attached current work showing rectangular cross-sections with fillet radius. Note warning message is shown when wall thickness is set as half width to enforce a solid structure. File is attached for reference.

Please confirm. I appreciate your support and cooperation.

Regards, Edmar

@matttam as per your recommendation, a request was made on your Github to add this feature.

Link: To incorporate solid cross sections ranging from rectangular to circular by changing the fillet radius. · Issue #54 · karamba3d/K3D_NightlyBuilds · GitHub

Thanks again for your support and cooperation,