Solid circular cross section in Karamba

Hi all,

Would like to ask if anyone knows how to apply a solid circular cross section in Karamba? Tried using O-section but I think I’m still getting a hollow cross section after reading this link (Convert to Karamba3D | HoaryFox) that Karamba does not have a solid cross section. Also saw that @matttam has previously recommended using Trapezoid here (Solid rectangular section filled with concrete under Karamba? - #3 by matttam), but I’m not sure how to get a solid circular cross section from that.

Any help will be appreciated, thank you!

Warm Regards,
Cally Ting

Hi, you just need to set the thickness of a circular hollow section to be the radius of the section and then it will be a solid profile.

Hi Matthew, thanks for your response! Appreciate your help :slight_smile: