How can i create such shape?

how can i create such shape?

Voronoi 3d. Use Dendro plugin on the edges.


i have no idea for create this kind of shapes at all …i dont know where should i begin :smile:

It is very simple shape. you better model that with rough quad mesh then subdivide it with Catmull&Clark or use Rhino 7 Sub-D.

You could also make the lines and use

If you don’t know the basis of 3d modeling it will be better for you to follow some tutorials.

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i think i should learn beginers tutorial first…tanx anyway

Look at Sub-d modelling, there must be tons of tutorials for Blender, 3DS max, Maya …
Here I am quite sure Peter Donders used T-Splines (a plugin for Rhino 5, not 6)


or you can use clayoo which is available for rhino 6


This is the same general idea I think. It does indeed use subdivision modeling


As mentioned, Sub D modeling would be your best bet.
I would advise to get your head around Sub D modeling and mesh modeling,You can do that with Blender (a free and opensource program).

Looking closer at your example image,I had a go in Blender. It looks like the chair is build up out of a dodecahedron , which is partly stretched and then modified, by removing faces, and adding new faces.
Then there is a workflow applied with Modifiers to get the wire frame structure, similar to Dimitar’s linked video in this posto (from 9m.25s in his video)

About learning Blender:
Claus kuhnen has a YouTube channel with blender video’s for industrial design video’s-This is an example of a remote control.

dimitarsp has made a selection of Architecture related Blender video’s, this one shows the workflow used in your example.

Best Kevin.

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