How can I alter this waffled structure?

Hey guys! So I am using Grasshopper to make waffle curves. Then I delete all but one line. I OffsetCrvOnSrf that one line to create thickness and then I create a ClosedPolySurface from those two lines. Then I use array curve to copy many of those shapes. Lastly, I use CageEditing to morph the entire thing into the shape I need.

The issue is that I cannot fine-tune the waffle structure. For example, in the second picture, the waffles look two diamond towards the center. But if I redo everything and make them more square in the center, they will look diamond on the edges.

Basically! Is there an easier way to do all of this where I could have more control over this in Grasshopper?


you could do it using lunchbox or mesh plus for the pattern and than thicken it up with weaverbird. I prefer mesh plus, the aperture component just seem to work in R5. (17.0 KB)

If I understood you correctly, you are troubled that the height to width ratio of the ‘diamonds’ changes from top to bottom.
If that’s it, the answer is topology:

By default, the surface division is done like the longitude and latitude of the Earth: 10° difference of latitude corresponds to the same distance, weather measured near the equator or near the poles. but 10° difference of longitude is much greater when measured in the equator than near the poles.

Unfortunately, (and I might be wrong) there is no automatic solution to this problem.
The best solution I’ve found for such cases is to remap the division along the ‘latitude’ of a shape so as to compensate for this distortion.

(in the example bellow, the red hemisphere has diamonds that start very wide and end up very narrow at the top while the blue hemisphere has diamonds with -more or less- the same ratio all along.) (14.6 KB)

Hello Baris, can you tell me the name of the component at the right of the diamond tillting, thank you and best regards.

Sorry I forgot to change to picture, you can use a m+ component instead. The one in the picture I made a while ago I can send it to you when I am at work tomorrow

thanks. this is my email