Diamond Lattice Waffle Laser Fabrication Help

Hello All,

Hoping to find some help surrounding a few issues related to fabricating a waffle structure.

  1. I can’t seem to separate the perpendicular members from each other (which leads into my next problem)

  2. Once I can separate the elements I would like to cut notches similar to the Goal Image

Then I would like to unroll the members, flatten and nest them. Which leads to my 3rd ask.

  1. I’m relatively comfortable with nesting but am unfamiliar with the workflow/commands to unroll the surfaces in grasshopper, so help around this would be appreciated

Sorry for the laundry list of things I’m trying to accomplish but it’s quite frustrating putting pieces together from 10 different youtube videos :sweat_smile: should probably sign up for a class.
Appreciate the help in advance

Shell (Cleaned) (2).gh (28.0 KB)

Goal Image

Current State

High Resolution

Thank you! Few questions/issues however, still picking up the basics :sweat_smile:
Shell Waffle Cuts.gh (18.1 KB)

  1. What was the initial reference surface used? I set it as a rectangle assuming its a projection

  2. My first dispatch command has no data in List A, did I list/index wrong?

  3. My Cull Pattern command has no data coming from the list

  4. I’m unfamiliar with path mapper and the command you inputted