Hover-over tool-tip doesn't display unless you alt+tab away and back

The hover-over tool-tip, seems to be broken.

It takes a while for it to start working after bootup.

Switching between program windows back and forth, might be related.

Have noticed same. Haven’t timed it yet.

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timed it just now about over 2min, but I did switch between windows – seems like that’s entangled.


This is still broken for me.
Version 8 SR7
(8.7.24113.23001, 2024-04-22)

tool tips take way to long to load and start appearing, and then when they do start showing up, there are random long pauses and not a consistent instant update when hovering over various tool bar buttons. I hover one button, it shows the tool tip, then moving over to another button will not update anywhere near rapidly enough for proper work flow.

I’ve set my tool tip delay to 100milliseconds but that doesn’t solve it.


hi @carvecream
there is this one:
RH-81647 Tooltips don’t show up after starting Rhino

but also:
RH-81445 Tooltip doesn’t refresh

Do you experience any or both of those or is it something different?


I can’t see RH-81445, but the laggyness and general failure to update to the current button are killing me. I have a lot of macros on the right click that are not memorized. It’s a pain to find the right one.



fixed that now, and that bug is exactly what you are experiencing


Yeah, and knowing to approach from the right helps a bit. Thanks for marking it as urgent.


Yes, yes,yes, I have the same problem !!!
I thought it was my graphics card problem before.The problem is killing me too…

Thus issue has been fixed in the latest Rhino 8.8 release candidate

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tooltips are still broken

wait a min…

maybe the delay is way too much brb

changing delay to 0, lol brb, rebooting.

nope, still broken.

the fix is still when you alt+tab to the forum(other program) and back(to Rhino) :sweat_smile:

0 millisecond delay is nice though :joy: