Feature request: Add Detail Item by Line

Hi All!

I see that Rhino inside has a component to place a Point based detail item, but I would like a Component which takes a Detail Item Type, a Line and a View to create a Line based detail item.

Right now I do this in Python, but every time my Python script runs, Revit create a new Family Instance. I want the old Family instance to update like Rhino Inside component do so well.


Hi Joel, There is an existed feature request for add line based and I went ahead and added your particular feature there as well (detail needs view).

Awesome, cant wait. Is it possible to use the Element tracking from Rhino Inside in a Python component? Rhino Inside keeps really good track when elements need to be updated.

That’s planned for 2.0, if added in now it would break existing scripts.

Can you give any indication on when 2.0 is released?

It will be available for testing in the Rhino 8 WiP early 2023, actual release of Rhino 8 isn’t a fixed date. Sometime in the latter half of 2023 is the estimate.