Horizontal text justification is broken?


Sorry, maybe I’m just thick.
Can you please describe the problem?
I can’t tell from your images what the problem is.
In your “F1” text, I see the insertion point in the middle of the text.

^ the problem is that it’s not the middle of letters geometry.
In R5 it’s off the other way:

So when I align the text by the insertion point, it’s not centered horizontally:

Select the text and run BoundingBox.
I’m pretty sure Rhino uses the BoundingBox for alignment.
Compare the BoundingBox and the text mask.

Is the problem the BoundingBox doesn’t cleanly fit the text mask in your example?

  1. Bounding box leaves a piece of 4 out
  2. Insertion point is not a center/centroid of the bounding box.

I checked in with the developer on this.
He said we get character metrics from the font file, not from analyzing the graphics drawn.

Do you get the same issue with other fonts?
Is this font particularly bad?

It’s Arial that Windows comes with… Yes, every font is different. It’s not critical, but would be nice if it was consistent in someway if not absolutely.

I have no idea why the font definitions aren’t consistent on this. It must be for some other reason related to fonts in general.

At least if you have one that really bugs you, you can Nudge it over a bit.