Text bounding box isn't accurate

See image below… Did this work in the past? I was always under the impression that it did, but maybe because mostly I used Arial… Seems to work best for that, but fails pretty badly with other fonts.


That was reported and fixed recently. You’ll see it soon.
It gets worse with each successive additional line of text.

OK, thanks mon - I was getting worried here…


Well, don’t this text bounding box fix with whether or not you should be worried…
Ahm juss sayin’…

Bumping this to say that the problem is still very much present in v5 SR12.

Any workaround for this?

Can you post a simple example file?
I’ve been testing this for V6 and I think it’s good there.
There will be no more fixes for V5 after SR14.
The fixes in SR14 are for Windows 10 1703 “Creators” edition running on high resolution screens.

I could reproduce the above problem with Gill Sans as in the OP. It must be a typeface related issue as others work. I have no problems at all with Lucida Console for instance.

Other than bounding boxes, alignment is also affected by this problem:

It’s set to right-align but doesn’t. There are no white space characters after “Athens”.

_explode the Text
you will get curves
_boundingbox the curves