When dimensioning the dimension (number) is always centered on the dimension (line), is there any way to move the text over without exploding the dimline

Select the dimension and turn on it’s control points. Select the control point in the middle of the text and drag it to a new location.

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I have another question about the text in dimensions: is it possible to set it as centered? I often use Illustrater to refine the dimension drawing, and i’m kind of unhappy about the left align, especially if the text needs to be resized.

Sorry, I don’t understand.
The “20.00” dimension text in your image IS centered in the dimension line.
The text itself IS center justified.
I can’t think of any other meaning of “centered” in this context.

Can you describe it using other terms or show an image?

Thanks for reply, hope this picture is showing the problem more clearly:
The text itself is left aligned after import in Illustrator (used export as AI in Rhino)

[edit] Probably it is more a problem of the export module (or import in Illustrator) than a problem of Rhino it self.

If you open the AI file you created in Rhino, is the text center justified like it was in Rhino originally?
I don’t have or use Illustrator.

I’m trying to determine if Rhino is changing the text justification on export, or if Illustrator is changing it on import.

The text itself is always left aligned in Illustrator (also tried .dwg with different options and .eps).
If the text size is left untouched everything looks fine, but if the text size being increased it will look a bit odd (depending to the left alignment).

I did not know about the main topic in this threat, but with points on i saw that in Rhino the text is centered properly.


As @Toby is showing here, Text created in Rhino, it doesn’t matter if it’s dimensions or plain text, will always import in illustrator as left aligned.

We do not have control over alignment with dimensions, but we do have control over how regular text is created in Rhino. The problem is that if you create text in rhino that’s center aligned, this text will move in Illustrator because it will be converted to left aligned in illustrator.
Take a look at the screen shots, the word hello is center aligned in Rhino, but as you can see, it will be converted to left aligned in Illustrator and it’ll be moved from it’s original position.

OK. Apparently My question was poorly written.
I’m trying to determine if the problem is with Illustrator or Rhino and I do not have Illustrator.

Please create a dimension in Rhino, export it as AI, and open the resulting AI file IN RHINO.

Is the text in the dimension still center justified or is it now Left justified IN RHINO?

If the text is still center justified, the issue is with Illustrator.
If the imported text is left justified after importing it back into Rhino, then there is a possibility we can change how AI export works, provided the old AI specification we use supports center justified text. This also assumes that Illustrator supports center justified text in the first place.

Sorry I misunderstood.

The thing is pretty weird, when re-importing the AI in Rhino the text is completely gone.

Original Rhino:

Re-imported AI (with options):
It doesn’t make any difference if “load text” is checked or not.

Imported AI in Illustrator (same file):

OK. I’ve learned a few things.

  • Rhino’s ancient AI file export sends out text but does not import it
  • The current “AI” file format is PDF
  • Text exported as PDF opens again in Rhino in the right location, but is all left justified

I added a bug report covering the export justification for text and dimensions in PDF.