Text alignment and justification constants buggy

Have been checking text alignment and justification integers(constants), and they seem to be buggy.

Some of them have the same behavior. Here is a list:

0, 1, 3, 65536, 65537 - bottom left
2, 65538 - bottom center
4, 65540 - bottom right
131072, 131073 - middle left
262144, 262145 - top left

Can you check this please?
Thank you.

Yes, there is some overlap. For example, if you specify “none”, the text will appear in the bottom left (of the insert point).

Here is an example you can play with if needed.


Thank you for the reply Dale.
I know how to set the justification property.
Just wanted to report, and find out if these overlap bugs with justification constants could be fixed, or rhinocommon documentation edited if that’s not the case.

They are not bugs. And yes, their might be duplicates…

Thank you Dale.