Hops not working on one pc

on my pc hops seems not working… It doesn’t get the input / output, but says it is working…
(RH7 SR16);
On my laptop, with an older SR, everything is ok.
What can be?



Thank you!

Check this thread:

I saw the same issue last week.



Thank you, solved launching manually, as you did.
I apologize for not having searched properly in the forum before asking.
Are you still launching it every time? or did you find a solution / cause?

To be honest I sorted my problem out without using HOPS, so haven’t looked at it since last week.

I believe @AndyPayne was looking into it - maybe he’ll be able to update.



Hi @Gaetano_De_Luca. I am looking into this issue, but it is tricky since I can’t replicate it on my machines. Nevertheless, I wanted to see if you could try a couple of things so that we can confirm this is the same problem that @kiteboardshaper was experiencing.
Step 1
Could you try to launch Grasshopper making sure the rhino.compute console check box is unchecked. In the Grasshopper menu, click on File > Preferences. On the right-hand side menu, click on the Solver tab. You should now see a bunch of Hops settings in the upper right hand corner. There is one checkbox that says, “Hide Rhino.Compute Console Window”. Then restart Rhino/Grasshopper. If it’s working correctly, a small console application should show up in the taskbar. If it doesn’t proceed to the next step.
Step 2
Open a File Explorer window and navigate to C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\packages\7.0\Hops\0.12.0. Inside this folder you should see the following:

  1. compute.geometry (folder)
  2. rhino.compute (folder)
  3. Hops.gha
  4. Hops.pdb
  5. manifest.yml

The folder we’re interested is called rhino.compute. Right-click on this folder and you should see a button that says “Open in Windows Terminal”. A terminal should now be launched. Type in the following: .\rhino.compute.exe --spawn-on-startup. This should try to launch the rhino.compute server which in turn should try to spin up one or more of the compute.geometry children. If this works you should see several statements to that effect and we know that the issue is simply something with how Grasshopper is trying to launch rhino.compute on startup. If it doesn’t say that, could post a screenshot of any errors that show up. Let me know if you have any questions.

step 2 seems to work.
In any case I’ve tostart manually rhino compute, as yesterday.

A questions about hops. I’mt trying to use them, but there’s something strange with data trees. For instance, an expected output as {0} turn in {1;0;0;0}, and in some case the output is completely wrong, because data tree errors

the process circled has been repeated (with differnt input) in hops.
Output 2 from hops has different tree from gh (1)!
Some hopse missed to be calculated ad need to be manual refreshed…

Hmm. That does seem a bit strange. Can you elaborate on the statement that Hops doesn’t update and needs to be manually refreshed? Also, is it possible to create a simplified example where the data trees do not return as expected?

I apologize, the data tree issue was my fault.
Sometimes any way the hops bocks in solving and must be rerun, I will search an example