Rhino compute doesn't start for hops

Hi everyone! Some of my colleagues can’t use hops on their machines (windows 10 PC). I asked them to uncheck “hide console window” and here is what they’ve got:

We tried to install latest updates for Rhino and hops but with no luck.
Any idea how to fix or debug this?

UPD: it seems hops doesn’t work with the trial version of Rhino.
The commercial version works fine on the same computer.

Are they expired trial versions?

Hi Steve. It was closer to the end of the trial period but still within 90 days. I don’t know if this qualifies as expired.

That doesn’t qualify as expired and now that I think about it some more you wouldn’t even be able to run Grasshopper in a truly expired eval.

Do you know if there are extra plug-ins / components installed on this other computer? I’m trying to think of what could cause issues.

I guess that it has something to deal with a pop-up window that requires users to manually close it to proceed with Rhino startup. It starts to appear towards the end of the trial period and says how many days are left before the trial license expires.

It looks like this

That makes sense as the cause of the exception. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll get this into our bugtracking system.