Hops not working on Mac

I’m trying to use hops to in my Mac but it’s not loading the file that I need, and when I save the grasshopper file (with the hops component in it) I get the following message:

can someone help me??

Right now, the rhino.compute server only works on Windows. This is because rhino.compute uses rhino.inside to do its geometry calculations and it’s currently only compiled for Windows. So, when you’re opening your file, Hops is trying to send the referenced Grasshopper definition to the server… which then reads the file and determines the number and types of input and output parameters so that the Hops component can basically build itself… what I mean is that it adds the correct number of input and output parameters based on the response it gets back from the server. If you’re running this on Windows and have Hops installed, then an instance of rhino.compute server automatically gets started up in the background so that the Hops component can send stuff to it. However, this can’t happen on Rhino for Mac because of the aforementioned limitation. If you want to use Hops on a Mac, then you have to specify a URL in the Hops preferences section. This URL needs to be to a remote machine running rhino.compute. Typically that means you need to spin up your own virtual machine and install rhino.compute on it. We’ve put together a guide which shows how to do this. Unfortunately that’s the only solution we currently support for running Hops on a Mac. I hope this helps but let me know if you have any follow up questions.

@AndyPayne , thanks for the answer. I´ll test the solution you brought.

One again, thank you!