Hops, Data Trees and Serialization

I´m currently trying to find a workaround for the lack of data tree support using Hops in Grasshopper.

I have 4 matching trees in terms of path structure but the list length inside that path/branch varies.Two contain geometry the others are like pointers where they tell the definition which object/branch of both geometry trees should be used/combined for calculation.

The structure should stay intact from input to output because its part of bigger definitions which work with the same tree structures.

First i tried serializing the data using jSwan, which isnt the most convenient way. Also only possible on a point level for geometry.
And the other option i tried was wrapping it all up in a Speckle Object serialize it outside and deserialize it inside the Hops definition.

Both ways got rid of the “Shifted out of existence”-Error so i assume inputting the trees worked. But if i directly output the serialized then deserialized items it will be filled using the longest list principle and there are way too many objects in each branch.

Does hops internally know what a DataTree/GH_Strucutre is?
Is there a better/reliable way to use it with trees/nested lists?
Will there be the possibility to get a menu like for C#-Script components (item-list-tree access)?