Hops & Datatrees clarification

nothing ventured, nothing gained… I’ll be naïve and hope for an answer :upside_down_face:

Hello fellow hopsters (?) :man_shrugging:

I’ve read that Hops is currently struggling with datatrees (which sounds like a car missing a wheel to me)

As it happens, hops can read datatrees… but can’t produce datatree?

I’ve tried with and without the output’s ParamAccess set to TREE and returned a dictionary but it doesn’t seem happy (saying that the “input format is incorrect”)
My dictionary only contains integers, and the output type is set to integers.

If hops cannot deal with Tree on output… how is it supposed to be used when we need a tree?
Output a mega list and a list of lengths to sublist the mega list? A bit cheeky, but I can’t see another option for now…(?) (assuming it’s a simple one level datatree)

Thanks in advance for your time and answer,