Holomark 2 Released!

Tried my new dell

After disabling switchable graphics rhino seems a lot faster…

Asus Workstation. X4 antialias

Hello everybody.

Here’s my current laptop configuration:

We’re planning on buying a new powerful desktop machine. How much better would it be to go with Xeon CPU and Quadro GPU instead of top of the line i7 and GeForce 980? Significantly better or just slightly better?

Here are the 1070 results on my “older” dual Xeon system:

No AA:

Notice how the mesh scores drops when I turn on AA:




So as you can see, unlike with Quadros, those pure mesh scores are strongly limited by turning on AA.
This doesn’t affect the normal Rhino nurbs modelling, but if you work with heavy architectural models with lots of meshes, then you will notice the difference.

School’s out! Swapped out the K5000 for a Titan X Pascal, everything else is the same. I posted a comparison. I leave AA at 4x.

So having a quadro card or firepro you say that working with meshes is much better than GTX or AMD counterpart?

Yes but it only applies to nVidia and if you have AA turned on (Which is the default).
AMD doesn’t cripple their cards in the same way, but their AA isn’t very nice and they have a long history of bad OpenGL drivers that can cause various issues and display artifacts.

For a stock, base-model i3 6100 CPU I’m pleased with the score. Most articles on the web indicate this CPU is easy to overclock by 15-20%. I’ll post test results from that once I’ve got it all sorted out and stable. The OS hard drive on this PC is a Samsung nvme 256GB plugged straight into an M2 socket on the underside of the motherboard. Early impressions are that it’s fast, but it can get a bit hot. Total system power draw at the wall socket, including 1x Dell 3007 30” monitor + 2x Dell 2007FP 20” monitors + 2 further SSD’s never goes over 260W. If I had LED monitors, that figure would be closer to 150W. Not bad for a 4960 x 1600 desktop

Hi there! I’ve been using Holomark for about a year now and it’s been a great way to benchmark different system configurations. Well I just built a new computer and at first Holomark was working fine for me (like it always has in the past) but after changing some settings on my computer, including a modest overclocking of the cpu and setting my Quardo global preset to ‘Workstation App - Advanced Streaming’, Holomark now never finishes and always gets hung up at the exact same point (please see screenshot). My computer doesn’t freeze, crash or anything like that. It’s simply that holomark strops running. Even when I go back to my original PC settings with no overclock and setting my nvidia settings back to the default ‘base profile’ preset I encounter this same problem. I even tried installing an older version of Rhino 5 (SR9) and holomark continues to stop working at the exact same point. Does anyone know what might be causing this issue?


And if it helps, here was one of my earlier, successful attempts at running Holomark on this new computer:

Update: Well I continue to have the same issue where Holomark doesn’t finish but maybe 1 in 10 tries it will actually complete and give me a score. My scores have varied pretty significantly, even with the same GPU and OC settings, ranging from about 75,000 to 100,000. Below is the highest score I have received yet with all default settings in the nvidia control panel and a 25% overclock (4.5 GHz) on my CPU. I’d like to do some testing with different nvidia settings but given the troubles I’m having with Holomark right now it’s unfortunately too time consuming.

So we have here the followings:

  2. Xeon E3-1231v3 OC @4GHz on 8 cores (doesn’t show correctly here on Hollomark stamp)
  4. Asus STRIX GTX 750ti 2GB @1404 Mhz OC

Just changed the video card.

The image is nicely antialiased, did you get that score with aa on?
And if so did you use any special settings?


Any idea why holomark score dropped this much after win10 “anniversary” update?




Edit: Just saw that the driver version is differend, can that be the cause…? If so, can someone tell me how to roll back that driver. Thanks again!

I have no idea, I see almost all of your CPU scores are lower, but GPU score 14 and 15 are higher. Maybe a background process is running. It wouldn’t be the first time an upgrade requires some background processing to complete the changes it has made.

Unfortunetly aa was set to 0 to get this score. :confused:

The 1070 is surprisingly much lower than 980 which scored 58000 in the following post.
The brand new Titan X Pascal only got 42000 in one of the previous post.
What’s happening with pascal based cards?

Why is the CPU score of 6700HQ so horrible :< It’s even much lower than i7-6650U’s 13340 on Surface 4 Pro. Something wrong with UDT.
Tested 6700HQ on a All-in-one at uni, CPU benchmark seems more reasonable.

Unfortunately the results are not text-searchable.

I’m in the process of getting myself a Graphics Card, and I would benefit from analyzing these data in a Excel sheet.

// Rolf