History repeats itself, I seem to be all by myself again

Oh how I miss those days when history would not nag and turn it self off.

and yes I know of the History command…

what a pain

Hi - a specific workflow, 3dm model, SystemInfo, … would be nice to have…

working in osx rhino6

I turn on the history, as usual. work. get that message that the history has been broken.
run the history command line, turn off that broken history message.
continue working, at some stage I realize history record is off.

I’m not quite getting the issue or the difference anyway. Why did you turn off the message? That shouldn’t turn off history, but lots of things can break it. You’re saying it’s off? I’m not sure what’s changed, what are you expecting?

What I have seen myself is a lot of spurious history broken popups after the history was supposed to have been purged, but no one else seems to.

There is the status bar indicator/switch for history, and I generally leave History OFF except when I actually want it.

I want History always on. I don’t need the message since I know when I break history.
I don’t know at what stage it turns it self off… strangeeeeeee