History in Rhino5

Got someone using Rhino 5 (in an old version of Matrix) whose history is not updating after using adjustable blend curve (BlendCrv) and changing the blend target curves.

He swears his history is on. And I only have down to Rhino6 and it’s been ages since I used Matrix running on Rhino5.

My question is, was this command (BlendCrv) enabled for History in Rhino5? Was History even available for Rhino5?

Yes to both questions.

See here:


Sorry for the bad info, but I just fired up Rhino 5 on my Mac and the _BlendCrv command is not history enabled.

I think this is the correct help file for Rhino 5 for MacOS (matches what I see when I run help command from Rhino 5 on Mac):

Does not list _BlendCrv as history enabled. I also tried it before looking up the help file and it doesn’t work.


Thank you. I’ll pass the info along.