History breaks when it should not

In the attached file (with history on), run Match on each end of the curve. Then move the first surface that the curve was matched to. History was lost as soon as the curve was matched at more than one end. Could Rhino keep history in this case instead?

history is weird 2.3dm (74.4 KB)

(I also note that history is fine at both ends of a surface that’s created using blendsrf, but history is not fine on a crv made using blendcrv.)

Thanks I added RH-72650 Match curve on other end breaks history on first end

That works here in both V7 and V8, at least the curve follows the moved surfaces or curves it is matched to. What doesn’t work for you?

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Huh, it is working now. That’s what I get for only testing it once. If I can repeat it, I’ll get back to you.