BlendCrv History

In the WIP from yesterday, there is now history on BlendCrv.
Also there is a new option, Edit.
When you choose the Edit option and pick a curve that was made with BlendCrv with history on, the BlendCrv command will come up so you can edit the curve with that interface.

Let me know what you think and report problems.



Hi Lowell,

I saw this, but over here when I choose edit, I am given the chance to select blend to adjust, but as soon as I do, the command ends. What I am doing is drawing two curves, using blendCrv and make my blend, then immediately calling blendCrv again and choose Edit, pick the just created blend curve.


Hi Sam- the way it is hooked up now, you need to ask for History on the initial blend curve - it is not automatically recorded, though it could be - that would be different from how other Historical commands work.


Missed that point.


I Looooooove this sooooooo much!!!

Does this it means you will add history for blendsrf too?
Great advances!
Like it.

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Hi Lowell, I’m getting history with Blend and ArcBlend, but not with BlendCrv.

+1 for hoping this leads to history for BlendSrf (and also MatchSrf)!

Hi Hans - do you have the most recent WIP?


I agree, & this is an interesting step in Rhino’s History implementation in that you can edit the input parameters of the blend, not just the input objects.


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I believe so, I have: 6.0.15118.10591, 4/28/2015

This is a really exciting development.

Love it!