HISTORY functionality in RH-5


I have a centerline curve I’m using for a “Pipe”. I have HISTORY enabled. The pipe makes correctly. I enable the POINTS on the centerline curve in order to tweak its position. This TOO works perfectly. VERY PLEASED so far.

Is there ANY way to turn off the “almost done” sensor in RHINO ? :wink: !

I progress along the curve, dragging EVERY point I want to adjust, the curve follows PERFECTLY, and HISTORY updates the PIPE, PERFECTLY ! Just as I get to the VERY LAST POINT, I’m SMELLING SUCCESS (!) , and BOING !!! I get the error message "Dragging this point has “BROKEN HISTORY”. Suddenly, even undoing to “RESTORE HISTORY” as “promised”, dragging even previously successful points gives me the same problem message. I try a formal “Move” with the same results.

Is there a setting I’m missing ?

How about that “ALMOST done” sensor ? Actually only HALF-kidding on that one, really.

I’ve had to delete the pipe that had some fairly intricate end-work done, and I’m a bit frustrated that I’m going to have to drop HISTORY as a solution to tweaking the PIPE and just live with the initial input results of a static construct. Also frustrated with the loss of more than an hour trying to deal with what’s up, and finally giving up and coming here.

Any thoughts ?

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(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Charles - please post the pipe and its parent curve, with History enabled, we’ll take a look. Please point out the point that causes the problem, if you can.



Pascal -
Hey bud - Good to hear from you !
Sorry, I can’t send you a model, as I moved on, replacing what was an ALMOST success with a manual workaround. Less effective, more time consuming, but forced into by aforementioned fail.
By your request in your reply, I’m interpreting to understand that there’s not a hidden setting that would contribute to the situation, and that this command is just no more or less susceptible to unanticipated failure as any of the other issues you’ve helped me with.
No worries. We’re used to it. I’ll fire up my RH-6/WIP and give that a go. IF there’s been work on HISTORY in -6 and IF it performs successfully there, I’ll just save the results back to RH-5.
One interesting point/wish-list item for -6:Could we set a DEFAULT save target as -5 ? This would eliminate the need for the " -5 ?" message box, and would allow -6 users to SEAMLESSLY pull and drop a -5 model, and then when their migration to -6 is COMPLETE (some time WELL after migrating from -5 to -6 AFTER -6’s formal release and corporate AUTHORIZED install) they can set the save-to at -6 and again continue seamlessly ? This would prevent accidentally saving to a version that they can’t open directly with their AUTHORIZED INSTALL of -5.
Alternatively, could we maybe get a patch to -5 that would allow SEAMLESS loading of a -6 model ? There’s no possible valid reason to prevent loading of a -6 model in -5. Anything that might be “lost” back-saving is deemed acceptable by DEFINITION if the USER intentionally back-saves. Marketing-forcing an upgrade to -6 because their contractor has -6 and they don’t want to spend the turnaround hours requesting a re-save from their contractor is NOT valid reason to not provide this capability, on either end or both.
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