Can we have history enabled for pipes w/ filletedge applied?

I’d like to request (or shown how to in case I missed it) history be enabled for pipes that have a fillet edge applied. In R8, we can double click the fillet edge and modify that value. Why does it have to break the pipe/curve history?

desired workflow:

  1. draw a curve
  2. create a pipe on that curve
  3. apply filletedge on the pipe
  4. move the curve and/or its control points around
  5. pipe moves without having to redo all these steps!

Thank you!

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History is a pointless feature imo. Try using a parametric approach in GH.

Hi @docjess77, if the fillet radius is not too large you might get away with using edge softening and some good custom render mesh settings on the pipe surface. This does not break history.



Learning GH is still on the to-do list, but it’s an overkill for a simple pipe with fillet edge.

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This might work. I’ll give it a try. Thank you!