History Bug?

Is there a reason why the pipe is not updating but history breaks or fails to update? Thank you

History works: When using 3D Rotate and not using Gumball or translate points by dragging.

But selecting less points and rotate and history updating geometry would not work again.

Seems that Rhino can’t handle more complex settings.

Hannes -
If you need help with this, please post the 3dm file and a concise description of what is failing. I’m not watching videos all day…

Thank you @wim here is the file and screenshot. As you see History does work with editable curves but not polycurves with fillets.

History Bug - Pipe with Polycurve and Rebuild Curve.3dm (1.9 MB)

it fails updating the history, because it can’t build a pipe from that deformed curve, due to the kinks.

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Ah ok, is that something which is impossible to develop in the future? As I think this complex history modelling is something which Alias advances especially if you see videos where they create wheel rims for cars with auto-updating 3D array creating multiple objects.

I do not think they programmed this feature with the limitations to this topic.

Rhino would become so much more powerful with consistent full-scale history modelling.

Thank you @Gijs

Hi Hannes -

Probably not impossible but extremely unlikely in any foreseeable future.