History and the updated blocks

Hello there!!

I’m using curves as blocks to facilitate making exact copies… I made a sweep surface from the block curves and it works fine. But as soon as I edit the original block curve with block editor, the surface that I made doesn’t update to the changes of the instance block curves. Then I have to re-sweep again. How can I achieve an auto-update of the sweep command?

Here is the file: block update.3dm (1.4 MB)

And some photos to explain the situation:

try exploding the block curves before you sweep, then edit, then save it as a new block.

Can be done, but then you have to re-orient the main block curve on the rail and run the sweep command again.

By making changes, I don’t mean just MSR. I mean changing the curve’s degree, point counts etc. Even splitting and joining with new curves. I think this is why there are blocks, isn’t it? To facilitate changing instances of an object.